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1 Our Ingredients | Organic Skincare

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dead sea salt

Salts sourced from the Dead Sea are world renowned for their therapeutic effects on the human body. Located to the East of Israel and Palestine, the Dead Sea has attracted visitors from around the world for thousands of years. The salinity of these waters are so high, they’re nine times saltier than the ocean. Waters of the Dead Sea are composed of more than 25% salt. These salty, majestic waters have been well known for their remarkable skin benefits since ancient times. Throughout history the Dead Sea has claimed fame for healing the human body.

Dead Sea Salt contains 21 essential minerals our bodies require to treat, detoxify and cleanse. Even though these minerals naturally occur in our bodies they must be replenished, as many are lost throughout the day. Potassium, magnesium, and bromide are essential for healthy skin. The calcium found in Dead Sea Salt strengthens cell membranes and cleanses our pores. Sulfur is a potent detoxifier and is essential in removing toxins. The combinations of these minerals provide many health benefits. Dead Sea Salt is known to nourish and treat our skin, slowing the aging process. Research has cited that use of Dead Sea Salt contributes to a 40% reduction in the depth of skin wrinkling. The rejuvenating properties of this salt moisturize, soften and detoxify our skin making us appear younger and healthier.

himalayan salt

The Himalayan Mountain Range runs across Asia, Nepal, and India. It is the largest mountain range in the world. The intertwining bodies of water located deep within the range are where Himalayan Salt is sourced. Renowned for being one of the purest salts on the planet, many people rely on it for therapeutic remedies. With an extensive history of therapeutic practices it was called “King Salt” in ancient times, being reserved for royalty.

Throughout the centuries Himalayan Salt has been used in a variety of natural remedies. This precious salt contains the same 84 natural minerals and elements found in the human body. These minerals and elements are easily absorbed by our skin and utilized by our cells, promoting a variety of health benefits. Your skin’s texture, tone and appearance will be improved with consistent use of Himalayan Salt. When the salt is absorbed through your skin it cleans and purifies pores while simultaneously pumping up the skin. This process results in fewer fine lines and wrinkles. It also detoxifies skin, breaking down harmful toxins that foster dull and lifeless skin. This detoxification leads to a more even complexion as well as a soft and supple youthful skin.

Organic Butyrospermum Parkiii

Shea Nut Oil

This unique nut oil derives from the Shea tree. Indigenous to Africa, the fruit of the Shea tree consists of a thin pulp surrounding a large oil-saturated seed. During the cold-press processing of the seed, Shea butter is produced. As a byproduct of Shea butter production, pressing the seed also results in Shea nut fractionated oil.

Shea nut oil has numerous benefits to the skin. One of the most valuable aspects of this oil is its moisturizing capability. The concentration of vitamins A and E, as well as fatty acids, make it extraordinarily nourishing for your skin. Not only does it help protect your skin’s natural oils, it also remedies dry skin. In addition to its moisturizing capabilities, Shea nut oil assists in cell regeneration. This decreases wrinkles and enhances the production of collagen. Its extraordinary anti-aging properties make Shea nut oil products a must-have!

Organic Argania Spinosa

Argan Nut Oil

Indigenous to Morocco, the Argan tree is one of the oldest trees in the world. It produces a small fruit that surrounds a nut. Each of these nuts contain between one and three kernels. In a very tedious process done by hand, precious Argan oil is extracted from these kernels. Often called “liquid gold” Argan oil has been used on the face and body in Morocco for centuries.

Rich in vitamin E and fatty acids, this extraordinary oil is particularly beneficial for the skin. The unique moisturizing capabilities of Argan oil aid in restoring elasticity and it is great for use in areas where stretch marks already appear. Not only does it moisturize and restore elasticity, it also reduces wrinkles! Your skin will be much softer and appear more youthful due to this remarkable oil.

Organic Simmondsia Chinesis

Jojoba Golden Seed Oil

The Jojoba plant is native to the deserts of Arizona, Northern Mexico, and California. It produces a seed where what is commonly called “Jojoba oil” is extracted from. In reality, even though it is widely called an oil, Jojoba is predominately a liquid wax ester. Pure Jojoba is akin to the esters we produce in our skin. Extremely rich in Vitamin E, several forms such as alpha, delta and gamma tocopherols are found in Jojoba.

An exceptionally potent skin conditioner, Jojoba will restore elasticity while softening your skin. It is also beneficial in balancing the oil production of the skin, resulting in the ability to regulate oily skin. Not only does Jojoba seal in moisture, it also provides a reduction in wrinkles and signs of aging.

D-Alpha Tocopherol

Natural Vitamin E from non-GMO Sunflowers

Vitamin E is a very powerful antioxidant. Unfortunately most Vitamin E used in cosmetics and personal care items is synthetic, which does not absorb into the skin well and can actually cause damage. Our Vitamin E is 100% natural, derived from non-GMO Sunflowers.

The use of Vitamin E fights free radicals that cause more rapid aging and damage to cells. This in turn slows the aging process and improves skin moisture and increases elasticity. With the added benefit of reducing skin inflammation, Vitamin E promotes healthy youthful skin.

Citrus Bergamia

bergamot Peel Oil

Coming from the Calabria region of Italy, the Bergamot fruit peel is cold-pressed to extract the essential oil. Bergamot has a calming and soothing aroma that promotes a sense of harmony. Using it topically reduces feelings of negativity and stress and calms the nervous system. Its purifying effects rejuvenate and tone skin complexion, which minimizes the look of scars or other marks on the skin. Consistently used, scars will fade and leave a more even, attractive skin tone. Another added benefit of using our salt scrub regularly with bathing water is the Bergamot will protect the skin from infection and leave it looking glossy.

Eucalyptus Radiata


Derived from Australia and China, Eucalyptus essential oil comes from steam-distilling the dried leaves of the Eucalyptus Tree. Eucalyptus decreases feelings of mental exhaustion and tension while promoting relaxation. It possesses powerful antiseptic benefits, is highly anti-inflammatory, and revitalizes skin. Its strong cleansing properties have a remarkable effect on acne-prone skin and aid in smoothing uneven skin tones. One of the main reasons we added Eucalyptus to our scrub (other than the amazing smell) is it works wonders to soften your skin!

Citrus X Paradisi

Grapefruit Peel Oil

With its origins in Barbados, the Grapefruit Tree came to be completely by accident. A cross between the Sweet Orange Tree and Pomelo Tree, upon discovery it was named the “forbidden fruit.” This originally termed “forbidden fruit” was quickly recognized for a variety of health benefits. The essential oil is extracted through cold-press and has an uplifting citrus aroma. Benefits of Grapefruit oil include detoxification, anti-inflammation, and stress-reduction. It also naturally reduces fatigue, when applied topically it will give you a mental boost resulting in decreased “brain fog” and sleepiness. Skin benefits of Grapefruit are numerous, it prevents both excessive oiliness and dryness ensuring evenly moisturized skin. Regular use also combats premature aging, minimizing dark spots and wrinkles.

Lavandula Angustifolia

Lavender Flower Oil

Sourced from the Lavender fields of France, our Lavender oil is made by steam-distilling the flowers. Lavender oil has been used since ancient times for a myriad of health conditions. The soothing properties of Lavender oil have caused it to be used for skin care throughout the centuries. The aromatic effects of Lavender ease tension, stress, and will leave you feeling relaxed. Not only does Lavender relieve feelings of stress, it also relieves stress to our skin. It is highly anti-inflammatory and has been used to soothe skin conditions, restore skin complexion, and nourish dry skin. Lavender oil boosts the circulatory system, delivering more blood and therefore oxygen to the skin. This will help cellular function and more frequent cell turnover. The result of this process leads to a more even complexion with glowing healthy skin.

Citrus Limon


Our Lemon essential oil is sourced from the best Lemon Trees in the world, grown in Italy. The oil extracted from cold-pressing the Italian Lemon Tree rinds has an aroma unlike any other Lemon oil in the world. With an invigorating scent, its aromatic effects revitalize energy. Aside from the uplifting aromatic benefits, using Lemon topically purifies and exfoliates your skin. When incorporated in our scrub it increases the exfoliation abilities, giving your skin a refreshed youthful glow. Its nourishing abilities leave skin softer, improving your complexion. Due to its high levels of Vitamin C, it has a remarkable ability to promote collagen production. Because of this, skin is more supple, fine lines and wrinkles are diminished, and you are left with healthier youthful skin.

Cymbopogon Flexuosus


Native to India, Sri Lanka, Burma, and Thailand, Lemongrass is a perennial grass. The essential oil is extracted during steam distillation of the grass leaves. Great for all skin types, Lemongrass’s strong astringent and antiseptic powers make it a very effective skin cleanser. It is a natural toner with strong purification properties. Used regularly, it has the capability to strengthen the tissues of your skin. When used aromatically Lemongrass uplifts your mood. When applied topically it helps to sooth sore muscles. Used in our salt scrubs it will have a positive effect on your mood, muscles and skin!

Citrus Aurantifolia


Although native to Southeast Asia, Lime Trees are grown throughout the world. This particular type of tree, Key Lime, is most commonly associated with the Florida Keys. Extracted by cold-press, this essential oil is renowned for abundant health benefits. Its energizing and cheerful aroma awakens senses and elevate mood.

Lime’s strong astringent properties aid acne-prone skin by reducing the amount of oil and minimizing the ability of pores to be clogged. It also balances oily skin and evens the tone. Like other citrus oils, Lime is high in antioxidants and Vitamin C, producing an anti-aging effect. Individuals have also reported a decrease in cellulite when using Lime regularly. Used in our scrubs this oil has strong aromatic effects as well as numerous skin benefits.

Citrus Sinensis

Wild orange Peel Oil

Native to Southeast Asia, Wild Orange is known for its strong, sweet, citrus scent. This energizing oil is extracted during cold-press processing of the rind. High in antioxidants, using this oil will benefit your skins health. It is a powerful cleanser and purifier that will leave you with soft, moisturized skin. An added benefit is the aromatic effects after every use. Its revitalizing aroma can uplift your mood and energize you.

Our skin is damaged regularly from excessive exposure to UV lights, toxins and pollution in the air. The use of Wild Orange oil topically slows the rate of skin damage from these exposures. When applied it increases circulation and blood flow while decreasing inflammation. Its high levels of vitamin C have been renowned for protecting and healing skin.